Design and Manufacturing Business

We design and draft detailed designs from parts for which no drawings are available to manufacturing. We can also duplicate and mass produce existing products that do not have drawings by measuring and drafting the dimensions of existing products.

Design and production business

We plan, design and manufacture products based on customer requirements.

Conveying screw (Material: Aluminum)

Screws for conveying and industrial pallets

We design and manufacture custom-made pallets for conveyor screws used in production line conveyors and other equipment, as well as special pallets for conveying various parts and components. We design and manufacture custom-made pallets to meet your specifications.

Screws for conveyance
(vật liệu: Poly Ethylene, Pom . . . )

Screws for conveyance
(Material: Polyethylene, duracon, aluminum, etc.)

Our Strengths


We are able to meet orders with short delivery times because our knowledgeable and experienced staff are in charge of design and production, all of which are performed at our factory. Delivery is usually possible in one to two weeks. We can also handle various production methods such as molding, casting, and surface treatment.

02Production Capability

Currently, 35 engineers work in two shifts to speed up production.They have a work ethic not found in Japan and are responsible for production. We can meet customers’ needs from one piece to medium to mass production.

03Thorough quality control

We have six full-time inspectors and use reliable Japanese products in our inspection equipment to ensure that our quality control system is at the same level as in Japan. In addition, we have adopted the same system for material management and manufacturing as in our Japanese factories.

Wide Range of Applications

We manufacture made-to-order conveying screws used in many production lines for food, beverage, and other industries. We have also designed and manufactured jigs and various industrial parts in a wide range of materials. We respond quickly to production requests and improvement requests.

Screw Products

[Plastic Screw Products]

We offer the best and most reasonable value for your actual situation.

[Aluminum Screw Products]

We can meet a wide variety of needs, from different types of screws that require knowledge and experience.

Jig Products

[Inspection Jig]

If want to reduce costs by saving manpower and labor, please contact us.

[Jig parts]

Highly difficult processing is also available.
Please contact us for more information.

Flow order to delivery


Confirm drawings by e-mail

Our staff will respond to your request on the same day.


Submission of quotation

We will make proposals for the selection of main molds and simple molds according to quantity and specifications, as well as management methods.


Processing and manufacturing

Processing will be performed upon request, and delivery dates will be discussed with the customer.


Product quality inspection and control

The Quality Control Section strictly measures and controls the dimensions and lot size of molded products. We prepare inspection drawings to the specifications required by the customer.


Deliver products that have passed inspection

We will deliver to the specifications and location according to the content of the meeting.