Molded products

From 100 pieces per month to medium-sized products and mass-produced products, we provide a stable supply with our high quality control system. Today, we are expanding our business to the United States and European countries.

Cast metal

Stable supply of medium- and high-volume products with high quality control

Mass-produced parts require high dimensional accuracy and delivery management. We deliver products with the functions and precision demanded by our customers on a just-in-time basis by making full use of the high-precision quality control system we have cultivated through our involvement in prototype production.

Molded products

[Sand casting + plating treatment]

Plating, anodizing, and heat treatment are also available upon request.

[Pressure casting + surface treatment]

This is a casting method based on pressure casting with a “pressure lid,” which is still used in some parts of the world today, and assists casting by applying pressure to the pressurized water in the mold.

Flow order to delivery


Confirm drawings by e-mail

Our staff will respond to your request on the same day.


Submission of quotation

We will make proposals for the selection of main molds and simple molds according to quantity and specifications, as well as management methods.


Mold Fabrication

After confirming the order, we proceed with the manufacturing process and start processing.


Product quality inspection and control

The Quality Control Section strictly measures and controls the dimensions and lot size of molded products. We prepare inspection drawings to the specifications required by the customer.


Deliver products that have passed inspection

We will deliver to the specifications and location according to the content of the meeting.

Photo of molded product

We can handle not only Vietnam but also other overseas customers. We process molded products according to customer requirements and provide high quality castings and surface treatments. Today, our products are exported directly to the United States and European countries.

Sample product