Areas of application of processed products

● Parts for automobile-related equipment and machinery
● Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
● Development, research, and prototype parts
● Various types of jigs (inspection jigs, assembly jigs)
● Food manufacturing equipment parts

Materials handled

● Plastic

MC Nylon, POM , PE , PP ,PVC, PPS, PET, PEEK, Teflon, ABS etc.

● Aluminum

A2017, A5052, A5056, A6061, A6063, A7075 etc.

● Lron, Stainless steel

S45C, S50C, SCM440, SS400, SUP6M, SKD11, SKD61, SUS304, SUS316, SUS440 etc.

● Other

Copper (C3604), acrylic (MICA) etc.

Plastic processed products

Plastic materials have now replaced metals as the leading industrial material. However, plastics have been considered difficult to process with high precision due to their high thermal deformation. We have over 30 years of experience and technology in processing engineering plastics, and can provide a stable supply of products in the order of 1/100 mm. Materials are imported from Korea and Germany.

MC Blue ( MC 901 )

High-precision processing by multitasking machine MC nylon processed products

MC Black ( MC 801 )

Materials are imported from Germany and Korea

Pom White

3D Measuring Machines High precision and dimensional control


Among plastics The strongest plastic


Thorough room temperature control and foreign object removal


Screws can be processed not only PE material but also other materials

Aluminum fabricated products

Aluminum (A2017, A5052, A5056, A6061, A7075, etc.) is used in various fields due to its lightness, high strength, high luster and processing accuracy. We can meet all your needs from prototyping to mass production contracting.


4-axis and 5-axis Machining Centers Realization of high precision machining


Highly versatile A5052


Large diameter up to Φ360 can be processed

Plating processing

Buffed finish
For all types of plating finishes.

Aluminum screw

Aluminum, plastic, etc. A wide variety of different screw types to a wide variety of screw types

Highly Difficult Processing

Two-dimensional precision cutting, and Three-dimensional curved surface machining Highly difficult machining is also possible.

Metalworking Products

Copper and stainless steel have always played an important role in mechanical engineering.
With state-of-the-art machinery and experienced engineers, we can process almost any type of stainless steel.

Brass ( S45C, C50C etc.)

Used for gears, shafts, and other parts requiring higher strength and wear resistance than low carbon steels such as SS400 …

Steel SKD

High abrasion resistance, great pressure, strong impact. Mainly used in the manufacture of knives and molds.

Steel SCM

Withstands large loads, abrasion resistance, and excellent impact on gears, shafts, etc.

Stainless steel ( 304, etc.)

Durable, corrosion-resistant and rust-proof in a variety of environments




Because of its good electrical conductivity, softness, and ease of processing and shaping, it is mainly used for parts such as couplings and valves.


Steel SUP6M

This steel grade is applied to machine parts, springs, and other highly elastic parts.




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